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Contributions to Hemobase


The research activity of the Molecular Diagnostic Unit of the  Blood and Tissue Bank of Catalonia was created with the commitment to develop the molecular diagnosis of Hemophilia A and B with the objective to be able to carry out genetic counseling and prenatal diagnosis in affected families. This work would not be possible without the collaboration of many Spanish  Hospitals and Health Centers that provide to us the samples necessary to carry out our work in benefit of patients and relatives.


Our special recognition to the Hemophilia Unit  from the Hospital General Vall d’Hebron that, given its condition of reference centre of Catalonia for the Congenital Coagulopaties, has contributed particularly to the development of the molecular registry and therefore to the creation of Hemobase.

This registry has partly been financed by the Project PI020809 of the Fondo de Investigación Sanitaria of the Spanish Ministry of Health and Consumption.


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